Professional background

I gained my Bachelor’s degree in International Relations in England (2002), and MA in International Development in Australia (2005). Later, I studied Human Rights, Multicultural understanding and Conflict resolution at the University College of Buskerud. Anything international goes! 🙂 🙂

Previously I have worked with newly arrived refugees who are living in Norway. Some arrive in Norway through the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) after having lived in a refugee camp for some time. Other apply for asylum when arriving in Norway on political or humanitarian grounds. Others are reunited with their family members who are already living here. I have also worked with minor unaccompanied refugee children who are under the protection of child welfare services.  Many arrive in Norway after having travelled alone through continents to reach a safe haven in Europe. Some walk long distances to cross international barriers, and others arrive here through human trafficking.

My experience in the social welfare system has increased my understanding of social challenges in terms of school and education, child protection, health and welfare, as well as challenges facing youth.

At present I am working in a social enterprise that help people with mental disorders and physical challenges to obtain work, and to secure their employement.

My fields of interests in the international field include issues of human rights, community development and capacity building. It is my belief that when an individual, or a community, has the knowledge and skills to help themselves, they will, in most cases, make well informed choices. Poverty is a multidimensional concept. It stems from both structural causes in society, relating to issues of politics, economics and governance. Also, due to the lack of access to information and knowledge, skills, assets or resources, people are unable to safeguard their income and livelihood.

Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1626) is quoted as having said “Knowledge is power“. In short: If you share your knowledge, you contribute to power sharing.

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