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So, now it is finally official. I am setting up an organisation to work with vulnerable youth and children. This has been my plan for quite some time. Besides, I am in need of a job, so why not create my own job? UngXit is now officially registered and I am eligible to apply for funding for our work. However, while I stayed in Zanzibar I coincidentally started to volunteer in Sober House with drug addcits in rehab. I figured, well, I’ve got time – six months to travel, so why not volunteer in Sober House? And my idea to apply for funding for activites developed. You never know when opportunities arise, and I try to leap at them, instead of skipping them. But in order to apply for funding for volunteer work you need an organisation. My solution: UngXit.

It’s been a while since I left Zanzibar, but still, I promised them that I would do my best to apply for funding. Until I have tried all imaginable means possible I haven’t finished trying. Crowdfunding is the next step. The situation has not changed. An estimated 7% of Zanzibar’s population of 1 million are drug users. [1]  That is among the highest rates of drug addiction in the world. In small, conservative Zanzibar. It might make you wonder what’s up. The problems remain the same. While searching for funding to apply for, I have contacted organisations that I figured would be willing to help. Like NORAD, the Norwegian Agency for International Development, which funds projects in Tanzania. And a nationwide organisation that works with former users of narcotic drugs and alcohol. But they were not helpful. Not knowing elsewhere to seek help and advice, I felt a bit lost.

The ability and motivation to help others is what makes humans being human. Not because you have to, or are obliged to, but just because you want to. Even people who have experienced immense amounts of stress and trauma experience joy from helping others. For instance, people living in refugee camps. Helping others is for many a means of feeling normal. Or drug addicts helping other addicts and friends. In fact, volunteering can function as a means of rehabilitation in itself. Because while you are preoccupied with helping others, you don’t have the time to be hateful or resentful. Instead you are spending your time figuring out how you can make things work.

So let’s make this work. Go UngXit! Yes, we can do this. 😀



[1] Al Jazeera, Fighting heroin addiction in conservative Zanzibar, dated May 28 2015.



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