“Fruitful” children

While visiting Kibera Fruitful Centre in Nairobi the children performed to show their skills. This is how they raise funds for school fees. Each time I have visited places and people who are lacking in material resources, but not in skills, I have been impressed by how they manage to organise, arrange and create. And significantly, also the strong sense of community. My impression is that in the communities that I have visited the word “loneliness” is unknown. Because people look after and care for each other. As they say in Africa, “It takes a village to raise a child”, popularised in Western countries by Hillary Rodham Clinton with her book with the same name.

Whether it involves projects, orphanages, or events. One thing is for sure – people are not lacking in creativity. Kibera Fruitful was the very last place I visited before heading home later the same day. Have a look here. 😉

Author: silbra

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  1. If the whole village raise the child, I think that will be much better. After all if the villagers know the proverb, Teach a child a the way he should go, and he will never depart from it when he is mature/old.
    The African people are quite creative and you maximize that creativity with your works! Thanks for sharing, continue on the good work. Orphanage is needed everywhere.

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